Update: boxed view with one column only

Using this script we can change boxed view to 1 item per line instead of 2 items


<script type=”text/javascript”>

var boxedview = document.getElementById(“WebPartWPQ1″).innerHTML;

boxedview = boxedview.replace(/<td width=”1.5%”>&nbsp;<\/td>/gi,”<\/tr><tr style=’font-size:6px\;’><td>&nbsp;<\/td><\/tr><tr>”);

boxedview = boxedview.replace(/<td width=”1%”>&nbsp;<\/td>/gi,”<\/tr><tr style=’font-size:6px\;’><td>&nbsp;<\/td><\/tr><tr>”);

boxedview = boxedview.replace(/<td>&nbsp;<\/td>/gi,”<\/tr><tr style=’font-size:6px\;’><td>&nbsp;<\/td><\/tr><tr>”);


document.getElementById(“WebPartWPQ1”).innerHTML = boxedview;



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